About us...

I am Kristin Atzeni and I am a dedicated bicycle racer and biker and I operate a bicycle shop in Siebnen, Switzerland.  In 2013 I had the additional idea to produce a sexy bicycle sport calendar which is now in its fifth year!  The "Sexy Cycling Calendar Swiss" has up to now had an impressive style.  Beautiful athletic bicycle riders with a bicycle in the Swiss mountains or other beautiful Swiss landscapes.  The calendar became known around the world and had a limited distribution of 5000 pieces.

New concept and new name for 2018!
"The Sexy Cycling Calendar" is the new sexy bicycle calendar with international shooting currently underway for 2018!
A complete new style will make the pictures even more enticing than before.
The photography for the new 2018 calendar will be done as before by Daniel Geiger, in my opinion the best sport photographer!  He has an eye for every detail, we don't need to tell him anything, he understands it all.  I'm very grateful that I can have him on my team.
New to my team is Stefanie Steinegger who took over the makeup for the calendar girls and convinced me with her creative talent that she should simultaneously be a 2018 calendar girl.
The team of Hajo Beier was responsible for the hair styling in
revious years.  Hajo and Elke are first class, from hair styling to hair extensions they make everything sensational.  I have been a client of theirs for years.
I want to ex
press my gratitude on this site for my super team, for the great coo
peration and excellent work in the recent years.
Thank you...